Searching for balance and simplicity, even when one’s main drive is not to.

do (도) means “way”, “method”, or “path”‘.  In the martial arts, “do” is not just simply a method, it is also an art or philosophy (i.e. Taekwon-Do – the way (art) of the hand and foot).  Those who adhere to these methods aim for balance, control, and refinement.  The most effective technique is one that requires only as much effort as is needed – often, the best action is one in which no action is taken at all.

When it comes to eating (or cooking), I cannot say that the best action is no action (unless waiting for something to marinate!).  🙂  But, refining a technique to using “only as much as is needed” is the outlook I pursue – from preparing foods, to decorating the house, to work-life balance.

Strangely enough, I started to become obsessed with food and cooking right after I came to a breaking point with myself about my weight issues.  It seems, with me, there was an inverse relationship between my culinary pursuits and my waistline.  Since December 2012, I have been playing with as many new foods and ingredients as I can get my hands on, in addition to giving old tried-and-true recipes a healthy makeover.

I do not require any particular diet or cuisine, but am what you might call a “lazy vegetarian”.  For health reasons I avoid eating animal products, but I feel no guilt when occasionally indulging in sushi, steak, or chicken wings (sushi, eggs, and sour cream are probably what keep me from hopping the fence to vegan-land – my husband is so relieved).  Meanwhile, my curiosity drives me to explore many different cooking styles from dairy/gluten free, to vegan/vegetarian, to various ethnic cuisines.

I started this blog to spare my friends the deluge of constant food-based updates I make on Facebook.  Now I can publish to my heart’s desire without driving them crazy.  Not to worry, I still post something now and then to get a few mouths watering.  While the blog is mostly dedicated to the new recipes and techniques I try, I hope you’ll find posts regarding my other passions… interesting? 😉


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